It's All About You

Catered to your unique needs, to mobilise your body, activate your muscles and ease your mind!

What is it? A new way of working out using pulleys, springs, and a moving carriage.  Along with our instructors each session is unique & challenging and leaves  you feeling like new, 

If you're struggling to reach your fitness goals or are stuck in a slump, work with our team to identify your muscle strengths & weaknesses to take your workout to a whole new level.   

Whatever your personal and unique journey our team will help your body increase mobility and strength, in a safe, supported environment - using the best equipment & instructors. 

Reformer Pilates



"I fell in love with Pilates after it got me back on my feet following spine surgery. It also helped me through pregnancy (so much so that I had absolutely no back pain) and helped me postnatally, adjusting to a new lifestyle. STOTT PILATES® was the most challenging precise form of Pilates. Everyone would benefit from having this movement in their lives!"

Meet The Team!

Alex’s sessions are exactly what I need. They're relaxed and enjoyable and leave me feeling de-stressed.  They're help me get through my hectic life and I look forward to the next class!
Charlotte B.

Janice is brilliant.  She is patient but pushes me.  I came to see them to help ease a hip injury. Since coming I’m pain free and I keep returning to keep it that way. It helps that we have fun! 
Elaine P.

Chloe has a very keen eye for detail so she amends my technique constantly to ensure I really feel the benefits.   I previously had an ongoing back problem. Now, I am more agile and mobile!
Andrew S.

What Our Clients Say...

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Reformer Pilates

Personalised 1:1s & small group classes. Enhance posture, flexibility & movement. 
Elevate your fitness to a new level!


"I was born with a disability (a clubbed foot) and I have used Pilates over the years to increase my mobility and strength. I am fascinated by how it helps both your body and mind to achieve a more fulfilled life. I have also trained in rehabilitation to help those I work with as much as possible. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the progress of a client whilst always respecting their body’s range. Training with me will never lack enthusiasm and positive energy!"

Sandra K

Originally a dancer, Maggie embraced Pilates for injury prevention and enhanced stage performance. This journey transformed Pilates into a key tool for her rehabilitation and strength. Pilates Reformer has also helped Maggie pre and postnatal in her full recovery from having two gorgeous babies.


Alex J

Chloe, a Florida native, turned her dance dreams into reality with a BFA in Dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MFA from Trinity Laban as a Leverhulme Scholar. A certified Pilates instructor, she mastered mat Pilates at The Kane School in New York (2019) and STOTT reformer in London (2023). Infusing her dance flair into Pilates, Chloe's classes are a vibrant blend of empathy, compassion, and playful exploration, creating a dynamic space for physical innovation and personal evolution.

Chloe B

Janice exudes an irresistible passion for Pilates, attributing it to her incredible journey of post-surgery and colon cancer recovery. Like a sparkling gem in the fitness world, Pilates has been her exquisite savior, delivering a transformative experience that radiates glamour and grace. Janice firmly believes that when it comes to nurturing our bodies, maintenance is the ultimate key, and Pilates stands as the epitome of elegance, offering a haven where individuals of all walks of life can indulge in their self-care pursuits.

Janice W

Meet Dory, your experienced Pilates Instructor and clinical massage therapist hailing from Hungary. With over a decade of competitive gymnastics under her belt and a touch of acro-yoga finesse, she elevates her classes to new heights. Through Pilates, she empowers her clients with freedom of movement, boosts their body confidence, and ignites boundless energy within their minds. Get ready to experience the transformative power of her sessions!

Dory K